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The truth about juicers

Just as not all food is the same, not all juicers are the same.  You get what you pay for.   I am going to explain why it is very important to use the best juicer possible if you are really serious about optimal health. Why is juicing important?  There is no other way to receive the concentration of nutrients and …

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Gluten: An American health epidemic?

As little as 10 years ago, very little was known about gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. People were going to the doctor and receiving a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety issues, stress issues or many other diagnosis that didn‘t address the gluten issue.. A lot has happened in the last 10 years. Before 2005, I predicted that gluten sensitivity …

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Cancer is a 200+ billion dollar industry. There is no health condition that scares people more than the dreaded cancer word. Despite all the stress worrying about whether you have cancer and if you do the painful process that follows, people still engage in behavior that greatly increases your risk of getting cancer. Just recently on June 1st, 2012, the …

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Green Tea

There are hundreds of powerful whole foods that contain health promoting compounds.  I place a lot of importance in whole foods that have been used in cultures for thousands of years.  Green tea is one such food.  It has literally been consumed for over four thousand years in some cultures.  Just a few other examples of whole foods used medicinally …

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