Wendy Testimonial

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Wendy Testimonial

I met Richard this last summer at the Farmer’s Market. At the time I had been significantly depressed, on SSRI’s (anti-depressant medication), was battling hormonal changes, sleep deprivation and felt I was truly on the verge of a breakdown. Add to that I have 10 year old twins, one with special needs and at the time I just didn’t know how sick I was as I was just plodding along taking one day at a time. I feel it pertinent to add a bit about myself as it lends credence to my experience with Richard. I have been in nursing for over 20 years. I worked in ICU, CCU, Level 1 Trauma ER and Flight nursing. I believed I had an extensive understanding of how the body ages and slowly becomes ill. I learned I was missing a huge piece of the puzzle about life and health.

Physicians and nurses have a very minimal education in nutrition. We are trained how to take care of the already ill patient. People enter our world when their bodies are already train wrecks. I was intrigued by what he told me about the importance of nutrition as well as educating me on why we as a society do not understand how important nutrition is or how it has the power to give our bodies what they need to do their job. I decided to try it out and my world has completely changed. Richard is one of the most knowledgable individuals I have ever met. His passion for nutrition is infectious. He listens and does not judge. He walks his talk.

For me now it’s as if someone turned on a beam of light inside. I am off my SSRI’s. They say the “Eyes are the window to the soul”… I used to look at mine in the mirror and ponder how dull and weary they looked and yet I was only 51 years old. Not anymore… The world around me is brighter, full of promise and color. I have, with Richards expertise changed the course of my life. For those of you with depression or any other health issues I URGE you to take charge of your health. No one will do it for you. An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. The best part is, family and friends and co-workers keep looking at me and asking me… “are you doing something different.. you just look great”… Oh yes I’m doing something different and it’s working. If you’re reading this, take the leap. You’ll be amazed at how different you’ll feel and be.

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