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Cancer is a 200+ billion dollar industry. There is no health condition that scares people more than the dreaded cancer word. Despite all the stress worrying about whether you have cancer and if you do the painful process that follows, people still engage in behavior that greatly increases your risk of getting cancer.

Just recently on June 1st, 2012, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France put out their finding on a research on cancer. The paper was published in the journal Lancet Oncology. Researchers predict that middle-income countries will see an increase of 78 percent globally in the number of cancer cases by 2030. In less developed nations, they are expected to see a 93 percent global increase over the same time period.
Cancer does not cause a person to be sick; it is the sickness of the person that causes the cancer.

This global increase in cancer is very troubling. We are now beginning to understand that many cancers are dependent on lifestyles. I have heard many friends tell me over the years that cancer is strictly dependent on the genes you are born with. They simply don’t understand that each and every one of us have so much control over the health of our immune system. Our immune systems are an incredible system that badly wants to protect us.

Some people believe that cancer is the body’s way of getting back at us for treating it badly. There is some truth to that. Andreas Moritz, a well know natural health practitioner had this to say about cancer. “Cancer does not cause a person to be sick; it is the sickness of the person that causes the cancer.”

It is important to understand that the development of malignancy results from a combination of hits on the cell-repeated insults. In other words, if we engage in a lifestyle that continually damages our cells, we will eventually damage our DNA and genes and the result is the renegade cell that continues to mutate.

The top three cancers in American females are lung cancer, colorectal cancer and breast cancer. The top three cancers for American males are lung cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer. We are approaching 600,000 deaths from cancer each year in America and over 1.5 million new cancer cases each year.  If the number were increased by 78 percent (which is predicted) by the year 2030, we will have over 400,000 new cases each year and approaching 2 million new cases annually.  There are over 1500 deaths each day from cancer in America. The New England Journal of Medicine (Haber 2000) defined cancer: “Cancer results from the accumulation of mutations in genes that regulate cellular proliferation.” We don’t get cancer from eating one bad food from time to time. It takes years of accumulated damage to our cells until cellular disruption is great enough that the malignant cell proliferates. The average cancer has been mutating and proliferating for approximately 10 years before it will be diagnosed.

The Life Extension Foundation adds that, “The most prevalent cause of environmental genetic mutation is the food we eat.” Just one example is colorectal cancer. Many studies have found that the greater the intake of meat, the higher the risk for colorectal cancer. This is broken down further in that during the cooking process of meat, heterocyclic amines are formed and they are known to cause mutations in the DNA. The transit time and breakdown of the protein takes a much greater time than is healthy for us.
The most prevalent cause of environmental genetic mutation is the food we eat.

In conventional medicine the priority is to get rid of the tumor. We have missed the most important point. What was the reason for the tumor formation in the first place? Why is it difficult for us to understand that if you do not take care of a car (don’t change the oil regularly, don’t do normal maintenance and fill it with poor quality oil and gas) eventually that car is not going to run properly. Our body is no different.

So if we continue to fill our body with toxins and feed it nutrient deficient food, our body will fail us.

We are long overdue a re-evaluation of our priorities. Learn about the powerful things you can do to build-up the immune system and protect us against the renegade cell.

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