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Becca Testimonial

“I have worked with Rick extensively both for myself and in congunction with my patients. I had exhausted Western medicine with no improvement of my own symptoms, and was on the verge of having to stop some of the things I love most because of my pain. After a consultation with Rick and some labs, I had a correct diagnosis and was on my way to being healthier than I have ever been. His knowledge of disease processes and how they are intertwined with our diet and lifestyle never ceases to amaze me. There are few practitioners who care more, or put more into getting their patients well. Rick is passionate about his patients state of health which is evident from the 3-5 hour intitial consultation, to the hours I know he puts in on the side to research for his patients. I can’t say enough about what a positive experience it has been for me to work with Rick, and all the great changes I’ve made for both myself and my family.”