Susan Testimonial

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Susan Testimonial

“I wish to express my family’s gratitude for assisting my niece. As you know, we were all very worried about her as she was quite ill for the past six months. She lost a significant amount of weight and was vomiting daily. Her doctors put her through a long battery of tests including an MRI—and all came up negative. Her doctors said it must be “nerves or IBS”, perhaps because she had a recent big change in her life as she joined a convent. However, my niece insisted that she was very happy at the convent so we were all confused.”

“Through your extensive research and additional–but much less invasive and less expensive testing–you obtained a positive diagnosis on her celiac/gluten/lactose/eggs sensitivities that totally blows away the previous diagnosis. We also appreciate your assistance in revamping her overall nutrition, which I know will be critical to her long-term health and well-being. So, in addition to eliminating her triggers she has made significant improvements in her diet and overall health.”

“I just spoke with my sister-in-law, who told me that she is “ecstatic” to finally have answers and a plan after all this time. My niece has not vomited in weeks, she’s feeling great, and is thrilled to be able to rejoin the convent and attend a much-anticipated retreat for new postulates before Christmas. Thank you so very much.”

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